The Lostwithiel Curriculum

The New Lostwithiel Curriculum

At Lostwithiel we decided to be brave and write our own curriculum! This curriculum is truly child led. First, we asked each and every pupil what they would like to learn about. All of their ideas were gathered by school council and grouped together according to their genre. The staff and school council then gave each group an overarching topic title; including heroes and villains, world of work and food glorious food. Each topic has a curriculum focus such as art, history or science. Subject leaders are in charge of ensuring the curriculum objectives are all covered in each year group. They also provide ideas and curriculum steps to support teachers.


What is floorbook planning?


The teachers then introduce each topic title to their class with a launch and curiosity box. The children explore the box (filled with visual images, artefacts and other items) and generate questions and lines of enquiry they would like to follow and gather them in the floor book. Teachers plan the learning based on these lines of enquiry, and allow for flexibility along the way! The floor book is there for children to add to as they investigate the topic. 

Read more about our ‘Curriculum Overview’.


  • The approach we use:
  •          Start topic using the EYFS style of ‘floor book planning’.
  •          The pupils generate questions and generate lines of enquiry.
  •          Ensure progression through curriculum leadership and 'steps' in learning
  •          An exciting topic ‘launch’
  •          We let pupils steer their learning
  •          We don't over plan so as to allow for flexibility and curiosity
  •          We build momentum throughout the topic
  •          Read Write Inc and Singapore Maths ensure rigour and coverage in phonics and                            mathematics
  •          Accelerated Reader encourages a love of reading and supports comprehension 

Purpose and aspirations:

  •          To develop children's purpose of learning and expand their aspirations.
  •          To provide practical learning opportunities wherever possible
  •          To have purpose in what they are doing
  •          To gather and create evidence as we learn together.
  •          To identify and link future learning opportunities independently.

Building learning power

  •          To develop children as independent learners with resilience.
  •          To celebrate uniqueness and strengths.
  •          To develop 'Growth Mindset'
  •          To support tricky areas of learning.
  •          To celebrate even the smallest learning moment.

Cognitive challenge

  •                 Intellectual challenge.
  •                 Closed / open activities in small steps.
  •                 Powerful questioning.


  •                 A range of places to sit, think and learn.
  •                 Powerful, respectful dialogue between adults and pupils.
  •                 Small steps planning where pupils can develop at an individual pace.
  •                 Role play opportunities.
  •                 Outdoor learning opportunities and regular visits off site.
  •                 Availability of quality, well cared for resources.
  •                 Continuous provision.
  •                 Highly skilled and motivated staff.
  •                 Joy and humour in everything we do!