Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum Intent

At Lostwithiel School every child has the right to achieve and flourish. We provide a rich and varied curriculum that celebrates Cornish heritage, draws on our local community and places it within the context of the ever changing wider world.

Experiential learning, opportunities for real excitement, real emotions in the classroom and beyond foster a culture of healthy choices, challenge, independence and resilience.  Our school is a place where children feel safe and confident to take risks. They are resourceful, active and creative.

The acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding ensure that the learners at Lostwithiel School are well prepared and ambitious for their next stage of education. Promoting exploration from an early age helps to develop children into confident, inquisitive adults.

Our 5P behaviour expectations are woven through our curriculum to impact on our learning. We develop these characteristics in all our lessons to further our learning and promote growth mindset.

 All pupils, regardless of personal circumstances, gain a PASSION for learning through inspirational teaching, a diverse curriculum and opportunities to develop new skills and talents.

The school family, including children, governors, staff, parents, carers fully PARTICIPATE in all areas of school life.

All learners develop PERSEVERANCE to enable them to achieve at the highest possible level and progress successfully into adult life in a rapidly changing world.

The school family take PRIDE in their school and their achievements.

The school family work in PARTNERSHIP; fostering teamwork and relationships with partners near and far.