The Lostwithiel School Association (LSA) is tasked with fund raising for the school and is a registered charity. It is made up of parents and carers who meet at the school to discuss/organise fundraising ideas.

The LSA organise:

  • The Halloween Disco
  • The Christmas Fair
  • The Summer Fair

Every penny raised through the LSA goes directly back to the school, helping to fund projects that will enhance the children’s time at the school.

Parents/carers can join the LSA throughout the year, or can suggest fund raising ideas to an LSA member – we are always looking for new people to join, or to hear new ideas on how to raise money for the school.

The LSA wouldn’t be anything without the parents/carers of the children. The ongoing support that we receive from the fund raising events is fantastic. 


LSA roles

Chair – Vicky Brown

Secretary  - Sarah Laidler

Treasurer – Mike Stead


LSA toys for Oak class