RE at Lostwithiel School

The principal aim of religious education is to explore what people believe and what difference this makes to how they live, so that pupils can gain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to handle questions raised by religion and belief, reflecting on their own ideas and ways of living.

The aim of Religious Education at Lostwithiel School is to help pupils to: engage confidently, constructively and reflectively with beliefs, values and lifestyles in a religiously diverse world. A Religiously Educated pupil in Cornwall must have the opportunity to:

  • acquire knowledge and understanding of religions in Cornwall in the present day
  • acquire knowledge and understanding of how religious traditions have shaped the identity of Cornwall
  • acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other principal religions represented in Great Britain
  • develop an understanding of the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on individuals, communities, societies and cultures
  • develop the ability to make reasoned and informed judgements about issues arising from the study of religions
  • reflect on their own beliefs, values and experiences as part of their study
  • Mrs Kate Webber

    RE lead

    At Lostwithiel School RE is all about engaging children in exploring the things which matter most to millions of people, and enabling them to express their own insights in response. Challenging our children to ask ‘big’ questions about what lies at the heart and soul of people’s lives is a fascinating subject matter!