If you are looking for a reception place for your child for September 2025, we would love to show you around our amazing school. Tours are available on 16/09, 8/10, 14/11 and 2/12. We also have an Open Morning on Saturday 9th November from 10 - 12. Please call the school office to book in . You can apply for a place at Lostwithiel School using the link below from 4th September 2025 https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/schools-and-education/schools-and-colleges/school-admissions/apply-to-start-school-or-transfer-to-junior-secondary-or-ks4-school-in-september-2025/

Our Values

Our Vision and Values at Lostwithiel Primary School

All pupils, regardless of personal circumstances, gain a passion for learning through inspirational teaching, a rich and diverse curriculum and opportunities to develop new skills and talents.

The school family, including children, governors, staff, parents and carers fully participate in all areas of school life.

All pupils develop resilience and perseverance to enable them to achieve at the highest possible level and progress successfully into adults life in a rapidly changing world.

The school family take pride in their school and their achievement

The school family work in partnership; fostering teamwork and relationships with partners near and far.

At Lostwithiel School everyone is respected and treated fairly at all times.

We will provide an environment that lets us all work and play in a stimulating way.

We value the importance of everyone showing a friendly, courteous and welcoming manner at all times - a smile brings a smile!

We will support our children in developing a real sense of pride in their work and creativity.

We value our committed team of staff and volunteers who constantly strive to provide the best for our children.

Outdoor learning will be richly embedded within our whole school community; developing enquiring minds with a persistence to succeed.

We are committed to working together to build a school which:

Provides the very best learning opportunities for all our children.

Has a stimulating, lively atmosphere which encourages enquiry and  creativity, and enables children to be fully involved in their learning.

Makes nature and outdoor play a central element of our learning.

Enables us to be friends together, to understand and respect each other.

Prepares our children to make good choices and take opportunities in our ever changing world.

Allows children to develop and understand their identity in Cornwall in the context of the wider world.