If you are looking for a reception place for your child for September 2025, we would love to show you around our amazing school. Tours are available on 16/09, 8/10, 14/11 and 2/12. We also have an Open Morning on Saturday 9th November from 10 - 12. Please call the school office to book in . You can apply for a place at Lostwithiel School using the link below from 4th September 2025 https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/schools-and-education/schools-and-colleges/school-admissions/apply-to-start-school-or-transfer-to-junior-secondary-or-ks4-school-in-september-2025/

Weekly Yoga sessions for all classes

Vicky Brown is our school Yoga teacher. Each week every child has the opportunity to join in with a Yoga session. These sessions focus on stretching, balancing and relaxation. 

Yoga at School Classes are highly structured and the general aims that run through the classes are:

Self-control, Self-esteem, Teamwork, Taking turns, Speaking, Working to a time limit, Waiting, Concentrating, Sharing, Following rules of the game, Listening, Social skills, Independence, Participating, Leading the class, Looking, Decision making, Being assertive.

All classes are structured into 7 simple stages, 1)Beginning, 2)Sequence 3)Development 4)Calming 5)Relaxation 6)Plenary 7)Ending and Exit with the exception of Apple Class for the first few weeks where the Developmental stage is omitted until they are ready.

The year group classes progress through postures at varying degree of difficultly and there are 12 starter postures eg Tree and Dragon, 10 intermediate postures eg Cobra and Crab and 8 challenging postures eg Gate and Eagle. Apple and Cherry Class mainly focus on the starter postures learning songs and rhymes and using games to hold the postures to begin to develop strength, balance and focus. Oak and Beech classes gain control and technique in the starter poses and develop strength, flexibility in the intermediate poses. Maple and Conkers would be expected to be developing control, strength, flexibility and technique in the advanced postures and this is achieved using the Sequence and Development stage of the class.

The Developmental stage of the class is the games which can be organised by age, qualities, skills and are carefully planned over the year so all ages receive as many different skills and qualities as possible. Skills include balancing, concentration and focus, decision-making, listening, observational skills, relaxation, tactical skills, sitting quietly, teamwork skills, thinking and using maths. Qualities may include Assertiveness, awareness, calmness, creativity, perseverance, reacting quickly, self-control and taking responsibility.

The relaxation stage of the yoga classes is Bird Pose for Apple class with a song, progressing when ready onto the Ladybird Relaxation which is used for all classes.