Whole School Curriculum Rationale

Here at Lostwithiel, we are part of a unique, rural Cornish Community. We have a deep connection with the natural environment and our surroundings. Our adventurous curriculum reflects this. We have planned our curriculum to help our children put their roots down so they can rise up.

We begin learning with studies of the local environment, ourselves and our community to develop our sense of self and place. As learning grows leaders use the curriculum to enhance the experience and opportunities available to children, particularly the most disadvantaged. This is underpinned by the national curriculum and our love of reading and sharing stories. Teaching is sequenced to build on prior learning, term by term, year by year so that children are learning in a progressive way. We are aware of the geographical isolation of our location, we teach to make the world bigger, to ensure our children have a growth mind set, that they are ambitious and they take risks.

Everyone is an educator at Lostwithiel, we all have the responsibility to ensure children know more, can remember more and have an enquiring mind. Leaders have developed progression documentation that supports this ethos and ensures the correct knowledge, vocabulary and links are made in learning. Learning is something we all take very seriously but it does not mean we are serious all of the time, we pride ourselves on facilitating learning, as we have outlined, but also fostering play, adventure, kindness and respect. A sense of humour helps too!